• KS 4000iE S
  • KS 4000iE S
  • KS 4000iE S
  • KS 4000iE S
  • KS 4000iE S
  • KS 4000iE S
  • KS 4000iE S
  • KS 4000iE S
  • KS 4000iE S
  • KS 4000iE S

KS 4000iE S

Inverter generator
Max výkon 4.0 kW
Jmenovitý výkon 3.5 kW
Výkon motoru 7.5 hp
Start motoru Ruční/elektrický
Typ paliva Benzín
Model motoru KS 240i
Zásuvky 2х16А
Napětí 230 V
Čistá hmotnost 40 kg
Frekvence 50 Hz

Inverter gasoline powered generators are a user-friendly portable source of energy. The range of inverter generators features models with a power range from 1.8 to 8.0 kW. Double conversion of electric energy provides the pure sine wave and frequency of 50 Hz, which ensures reliable operation of sensitive and high-precision electronics.

All models are based on robust engines, which meet all European quality standards, including EURO V. Engines of K&S inverter generators have an Economy mode, which allows using the generator at low speeds and reduces fuel consumption by up to 50%.

Pure sine wave

The integrated microprocessor-controlled electronic unit controls the generator operation and provides the most stable frequency of 50 Hz and voltage of 230 V. This makes the generator ideally suited for sensitive and high-precision electronics, electronic measuring instruments, medical devices, heating boilers, etc.


The Könner & Söhnen reliable engine is characterized by increased durability, long and stable operation, and meets all European quality standards, including EURO V.


3-in-1 universal engine switch for the easiest and most convenient start of the generator combines the functions of a fuel valve, an air choke and an electric engine start.


The ergonomic control panel is equipped with a fuel economy mode switch. This mode reduces fuel consumption by up to 50% at small loads due to lower engine revolutions.


The 6-in-1 multifunction LED display has the following indicators: load indicator, fuel level indicator, hour meter, voltage, frequency, oil level indicator, overload indicator, working mode indicator.

Ergonomic control panel

Convenient location of all functions: working mode indicator, overload and short circuit protection, low oil level sensor, Reset button to reset the control system and restore voltage supply, connector for parallel connection of generators, two USB outputs (5V/1A, 5V/2.1A), typical 12 V car socket for a wide range of car devices, gadgets and battery charging, 230 V sockets and grounding terminal.


Thanks to a special protective housing, which provides a minimum noise level of 66 dB, the operation of the device will be as comfortable as possible and will not disturb others.

High quality alternator

The high-quality synchronous type alternator with 100% copper winding can withstand maximum loads without any damage and guarantees long-term reliable operation of the generator.

Parallel connection

Parallel connection ensures insreased power. Using a parallel connection device connected to a special socket on the generator, you can pair the generators and connect devices with greater power. It is suitable for all Könner & Söhnen inverter generators, except for the KS 8100 series models (KS 8100iE, KS 8100iEG, KS 8100iE ATSR, KS 8100iEG ATSR).

Transportation kit

Könner & Söhnen Inverter generators are equipped with a transport system for easy movement. Two wheels and a handle that lifts when the generator is moved ensure comfortable transportation and mobility.

Voltage 230
Max. power, кW 4.0
Nominal power, kW 3.5
Frequency, Hz 50
Current, А (max) 17.4
Outlets 2x16A
Engine start Manual/electro
Fuel tank volume, l 12.5
Multifunctional LED-display: Load, fuel level, voltage, frequency, working hours; overload indicator, voltage indicator, oil level indicator.
Noise level Lpa (7m)/Lwa, dB 66/91
Output 12V, A 12V/8.3A
USB-Outputs 5V/1A, 5V/2.1A
Engine model KS 240i
Engine cylinder volume, cm3 223
Engine type Gasoline powered one-cylinder, four-stroke air-cooled
Engine power, hp 7.5
Generator parallel socket +
Crank case volume, cm3 0.6
Power factor, cos φ 1
Dimensions (L*W*H), mm 630*475*570
Lithium battery, Ah 1.6
Net weight, kg 40
Gross weight, kg 43.4
Protection class IP23M
EAN code 4260405363377