About Könner & Söhnen

Dear partners and customers of Könner & Söhnen TM

Thank you for your interest in our products. We hope, that Könner & Söhnen TM equipment will become your reliable assistant! Products, provided by Könner & Söhnen TM, are the result of many years of experience of German specialists who took on the best of world famous brands and took all their mistakes into account. In our products we introduce and use the latest modern technologies such as EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection), PVA (pure sine wave altenator), Turbo Mode (up to 20% power boost), EURO V standard (the most modern exhaust emission standard), and much more. Könner & Söhnen TM generators and garden equipment were created in Germany to implement the concept of ‘affordable equipment’, which has become a synonym of quality and affordable price for buyer.

Könner & Söhnen TM – is winner of honorable European awards in nominations «High Quality”, “Product of the Year”, “Expert Choice”, “Ease of Use”, “Functionality“. The latest award of Könner & Söhnen TM is prestegeous Plus X AWARD 2019. German experts proved high quality of our machinery! We are proud that our efforts were rated so highly!

Our brand essence has a basic principle and the goal of our team, represented in our logo and our slogan – TRADITIONAL GERMAN QUALITY – that is passed down from generation to generation, from master (expert) to apprentice, from father to son, from manufacturing to consumer. We want to transfer to our children, our customers all the best accumulated over the years of manufacture and improvement of generators and garden equipment.

Nowadays, many German brands have taken their niches in the high-end price ranges, however it still remains a demand for good quality production with an affordable price. Könner & Söhnen brand was created to satisfy this demand. Having a modernized line of our own engines, the owners of the Könner & Söhnen trade mark eventually decided to expand the product range. So product line of Könner & Söhnen cultivators and motor pumps appeared on the market. Our experts have made a lot of effort to ensure that all products outperform their competitors in quality, and at the same time are more affordable and more convenient in terms of service and operation. The assembly of all products takes place under the constant supervision of german specialists in factories that produce generators and garden equipment for leading brands to the markets of Europe and North America and are tested at various stages of production.

All the products made meet European and international standards of quality, efficiency, environmental impact, including the latest standard of emission EURO V. The line of engines used in Könner & Söhnen TM generators, cultivators and motor pumps is also a result of long tests and negotiations with the world’s leading manufacturers. Eventually, the engines were selected and a license to manufacture them specifically under Könner & Söhnen TM logo was purchased.

Each generator, cultivator or motor pump engine has an individual serial number, which allows us to monitor the quality of production and service. All engines are tested for a long period of uninterrupted operation, and then disassembled and studied for defects. The range of Könner & Söhnen TM generators and garden equipment covers the needs of any customer because the manufacturer pays special attention to a study of demand.

Könner & Söhnen TM stands up to date with technological progress, constantly updating its product range and introducing new developments that allow our equipment to be even more reliable, more environmentally friendly, economical to use. Having many years of experience and reliable partners, we can satisfy any customers request and produce generators for special purposes:

  • gasoline, hybrid and diesel generators with the power range from 1.0 kW to 15.6 kVA;
  • special-purpose generators (inverter type, for electric welding, models used in industry and construction;
  • generators with unique technical features (built-in ATS, VTS function, pre-start heating, multifunction display and much more);
  • in all models, the engine power reserve against the alternator power allows producing the declared voltage and maintaining voltage stability throughout the load range.

As a result, we obtain the generators that can proudly carry our motto, confirming the very essence of our team: TRADITIONAL GERMAN QUALITY.

High quality products of “Könner & Söhnen” TM are recognized by international experts and prestigious awards. In 2019, products of TM “Könner & Söhnen” received the German Plus X Award in three categories – “High quality”, “Functionality”, and “Ease of use”.

Dimax International GmbH, the founder of the Dimax Group and the owner of the Könner & Söhnen TM, guarantees for all partners and customers full support of spare parts, maintenance service, technical information and marketing assistance. Products, produced by Könner & Söhnen TM, are already available to more than 300 million customers in more than 15 countries in Europe. Our trademark develops dynamically and is interested in new partners and markets.

With best regards,
Dimax group team