Diesel-Generator KS Basic
Voltage 230 V
Max. Output 6.5 kW
Rated Output 6.0 kW
Outlets 1х16А, 1х32А
Voltmeter +
Engine model KS-B470D
Engine type Diesel 4-stroke
Engine power 11.0 HP
Power output controller AVR
Launch type Manual/electric
Stator windings Copper
Dimensions (L*W*H) 760x500x650 mm
Netto weight 106.5 kg
Gross weight 120.0 kg


Könner & Söhnen engines

K&S Basic engines

Engines for both diesel and gasoline generators are manufactured under the license of DIMAX Int. GmbH and are marked with K&S logo. High power of engines in relation to the alternator allows to receive the declared power output and maintain stable work at any load. All engines are tested for continuous operation, and then disassembled and examined for trouble-shooting purposes. Each engine and each generator have an individual serial number, which allows us to control the quality of production and service. The engines meet all European quality standards, including the level of harmful emissions and noise level.

Automatic transfer switch

KS ATS 1/45

KS ATS 1/45
Power, kW 10.3
Voltage, V 230
Current (MAX), A 45
The ATS (Automatic transfer switch) unit automatically starts the generator and transfers load to it
when the main power supply is disconnected.
Gasolineand diesel generators with an electric starter are equipped with a universal 5-pin
connector for an automatic transfer switch unit (ATS input). The ATS unit has a PLC that allows the
automatic start/stop of the generator to be programmed in the event of a power outage and after
its restoration.PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER OF THE ATS UNIT:– Automatic/manual operation
– Programming of engine starting time after power outage
– Programming of engine warm-up time before connecting to consumer
– Setting of starter operation time
– Engine performance monitoring
– Battery charging when the generator is off3-pin input ATS out for KSB 6000DES ATSR, KSB 8000DE ATSR.

The ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) unit automatically starts the generator and transfers load to it when the main power supply is disconnected and automatically stops the generator when the central power supply is restored.

Ergonomic control panel

Convenient and ergonomic generator’s control panel allows you to control the entire unit easily and does not require additional skills. Voltmeter on the panel shows output voltage in range from 0 to 300 V. It helps to control the voltage and be sure that all the equipment connected works stably.


K&S Basic diesel generators are equipped with intelligent voltage stabilization system AVR. It allows to keep the voltage at a constant value of 230 V and protects against unwanted short circuits.

Dampers to lower vibration

Dampers to lower vibration

All models of K&S Basic generators are equipped with rubber feet to reduce vibrations. The working generator will not damage the floor covering, and the frame coating will not be scratched.

Accessories set

Plug for 230V 32A power outlet, plug for 230V 16A outlet.

Voltage, V 230
Max. Output, kW 6.5
Rated Output, kW 6.0
Frequency, Hz 50
Current, A (max.) 28.26
Outlets 1х16А, 1х32А
Fuel tank volume, l 9
Avg. working time (power 50%), h 12
Voltmeter +
Noise level Lpa (7m)/Lwa, dB 72/97
Output 12 V, А 12/8.3
Engine model KS-B470D
Engine type Diesel, 4-stroke
Engine power, HP 11.0
Oil sump volume, cm3 1.65
Engine cylinder volume, cm3 455
Power output controller AVR
Launch type Manual/electric
Power factor, cosφ 1
Protection class IP23M
Fuel consumption, l/h 1.3
Battery, Ah 20
Stator windings Copper
Dimensions (L*W*H), mm 760x500x650
Netto weight, kg 106.5
Gross weight, kg 120.0
EAN code 4260405362042

The permissible deviation from the rated voltage does not exceed 5%.

Assembled in PRC.