• KSB 22i S
  • KSB 22i S
  • KSB 22i S
  • KSB 22i S
  • KSB 22i S
  • KSB 22i S
  • KSB 22i S
  • KSB 22i S

KSB 22i S

Inverter generator
Max power 2.0 kW
Nominal power 1.8 kW
Engine power 2.7 hp
Engine start Manual
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine model KSB 100i
Outlets 2×16А
Net weight 21 kg
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz


Pure sine wave

The integrated microprocessor-controlled electronic unit controls the generator operation and provides the most stable frequency of 50 Hz and voltage of 230 V. This makes the generator ideally suited for sensitive and high-precision electronics, electronic measuring instruments, medical devices, heating boilers, etc.


The unique stylish design of specially developed shape ensures greater stabilization of the running device. The soundproof housing and high build quality of this model provide a minimum noise level Lpa (7m) of 62 dB as well as guarantee long-term and reliable operation of the unit.

Robust engine

The robust K&S Basic engine meets all European quality standards, including the latest EURO V emission standards. The proprietary robust K&S engine has its own individual serial number, which allows us to control the quality of production and service.


K&S Basic generators are equipped with a high-end synchronous alternator with 100% copper winding. It is only the copper winding that can withstand maximum loads without any damage to ensure long-term reliable operation of the generator set.


The control panel is equipped with all key indicators of the operating status, the ECONOMY MODE switch that reduces fuel consumption by up to 50%, the Reset button that resets the control system and restores voltage supply, the typical 12 V car socket for a wide range of car devices, gadgets and battery charging.




Cable length 106 cm
Insulation rubber
Cable cross-section 3х1.5 mm2
Strichcode 4260405364800

Parallel connection of two inverter generators using the KSB PC-1 connection cable ensures double output power. Parallel connection of two generators provides an output power equal to the total rated power of these generators.

Suitable for inverter generators TM “K&S Basic” KSB 22i S.

The generator is equipped with a parallel connection function. Pairing two inverter generators doubles the power output and thus allows connecting devices with greater power. The generator control panel is equipped with special inputs for parallel connection, which can be used with a help of parallel connection cable KSB PC-1 from TM “K&S Basic”.

Compact size

The compact size and light weight of K&S Basic TM inverter generators make them convenient to use and store. This makes them easy to use and indispensable on a camping trip or on a picnic.


Two 16 A plugs (230 V), screwdriver, spark plug wrench, and charger cable are included.

Max. power, кW 2.0
Nominal power, kW 1.8
Engine power, HP 2.7
Frequency, Hz 50
Voltage 230
Current, А (max) 7.9
Output 12V, A 12V/5A
Engine model KSB 100i
Engine cylinder volume, cm3 79.7
Engine type Gasoline 4 stroke cycle engine
Outlets 2x16A
Power factor, cos φ 1
Fuel tank volume, l 4.0
Crank case volume, cm3 0.35
Engine start Manual
Noise level Lpa (7m)/Lwa, dB 62/87
Gross dimensions (L*W*H), mm 540х325х490
Net weight, kg 21
Gross weight, kg 23
Protection class IP23M
EAN code 4260405364794