The ATS (automatic transfer switch) unit automatically starts the generator and transfers the load to it when the main power source is turned off and automatically stops the generator when the central power supply is restored. Diesel generators with electric starters are equipped with a connector for an automatic transfer switch unit (ATS input).

The ATS unit has a controller that allows you to program the time before the generator automatically starts in the case of a power outage, the generator warm-up time before connecting the load and signals an error. ATS unit has an emergency stop button. It can operate both in automatic and in manual mode.

  • Voltage 230V/400V
    Power 230V 14.4 (28.8) kW
    Current (max) 230 V 63А (120А)
    Power 400V 34.8 kW


  • Voltage 230V/400V
    Power 230V 5.75 (11.5) kW
    Current (max) 230 V 25А (50А)
    Power 400V 13 kW
    Current (max) 400 V 25А