• KS 3500iE G-Profi
  • KS 3500iE G-Profi
  • KS 3500iE G-Profi
  • KS 3500iE G-Profi
  • KS 3500iE G-Profi

KS 3500iE G-Profi

Inverter generator
Max power 3.5 kW
Nominal power 3.0 kW
Engine power 5.9 hp
Engine start Manual/Electric
Fuel type LPG/gasoline
Engine model KS 230i
Outlets 1х16А
Voltage 230 V
Net weight 34 kg
Frequency 50 Hz

Inverter generators of the German trade mark “Könner & Söhnen” are a convenient, portable power source. Double conversion of electric energy provides the most stable frequency of 50 Hz and voltage of 230V, which is optimally suited for the reliable operation of sensitive and high-precision electronics, computers, electronic measuring instruments, medical devices, heating boilers. This generator will become an indispensable assistant during fishing, barbecuing or camping.


The robust Könner & Söhnen engine meets all European quality standards, including the latest EURO V emission standards. The proprietary robust K&S engine has its own individual serial number, which allows us to control the quality of production and service. The high-quality alternator with copper winding and the high-performance engine guarantee trouble-free and long-term operation.

It is recommended for equipment sensitive to the quality of energy consumed (boilers, medical devices, audio equipment, etc.).


Inverter generators have a number of additional unique functions that make them indispensable. You can easily use generators in places where there is no power supply. A key feature of these models is that they produce electric current with the pure sine wave.
The built-in microprocessor-controlled electronic unit controls the generator operation (voltage, current, load, operating hours), perfectly rectifies output voltage, allows better control of the generator operation and enables timely maintenance.


The easy manual and electric start system allows quick start of the generator engine without much effort.


The ergonomic generator control panel allows easy operation thanks to the convenient location of all basic functions: sockets, multifunction LCD display, economy mode switch, ground connector.


The package includes everything you need to use LPG as fuel:
1. Built-in reducer that provides gas supply during engine operation, prevents gas leakage, as well as terminates gas supply when the generator is off.
2. 1.5 m long hose for connecting a gas cylinder provides a convenient connection.
3. The hose is equipped with an additional reducer that is mounted on the cylinder to increase the reliability of the gas line. It provides pressure reduction and eliminates the possibility of overloading the gas connection. Just connect the generator to the cylinder and start the engine.


The ergonomic control panel is equipped with a fuel economy mode switch. This mode reduces fuel consumption by up to 50% at small loads due to lower engine revolutions.


Turbo function increases starting power by 20%.


Dual-fuel use. Both gasoline and LPG operation of the generator is possible (everything you need is included).



Voltage 230 V
Socket with protective cover 1x16A / 230 V
Connection terminals 230 V
Cable length 2×180 cm
Cable AWG 2,08 mm2

Parallel connection box allows you to connect two Könner & Söhnen Profi series inverter generators for double power. Using a parallel connection device connected to a special socket on the generator, you can pair the generators and connect devices with greater power.

Parallel connection for double power.

Voltage 230
Max. power, кW 3.5
Nominal power, kW 3.0
Engine power, hp 5.9
Frequency, Hz 50
Current, А (max) 15.22
Engine model KS 230i
Engine cylinder volume, cm3 207
Engine type LPG/gasoline powered one-cylinder, four-stroke air-cooled
Outlets 1x16A
LCD display Voltage, current, load, operating hours
50% power working time 4.0
Power factor, cos φ 1
Fuel tank volume, l 8.0
Crank case volume, cm3 0.45
Engine start Manual/electro
Noise level Lpa (7m)/Lwa, dB 69/94
Possibility of parallel connection +
Turbo mode (+ 20% power) +
Net dimensions (L*W*H), mm 470х395х450
Gross dimensions (L*W*H), mm 525х455х510
Net weight, kg 34
Gross weight, kg 38
Protection class IP23M
EAN code 4260405363360