KS 10000E 1/3

Gasoline generator "Könner & Söhnen"
Max power (230V) 8.0 kW
Nominal power (230V) 7.5 kW
Max power (400V) 8.0 kW
Nominal power (400V) 7.5 kW
Engine power 18 hp
Engine start Manual/electric
Fuel type Gasoline
Engine model KS 440
Outlets 1х16A (400V), 1×32А (230V)
Fuel tank volume 25 l
Crank case volume 1.2 l
Working time at 50% load 15 h
Net weight 88 kg
Voltage 230V/400V
Frequency 50 Hz


The unique innovative VTS (Voltage transfer switch) phase switching system allows using the generator both in three-phase mode (400V) and in single-phase mode (230V) without loss of power! It is no longer necessary to purchase two separate generators and maintain them: just switch the mode and use the TM Könner & Söhnen generator with the phase switching system at the required voltage.

Possibility of welding inverter connection with maximum current up to 200 A* (in single phasemode).

vts system


The unique innovative VTS (Voltage Transfer Switch) phase switching system with equal power for single-phase (230V) and three-phase (400V) consumers. Each mode has its own circuit breaker.


Each TM Könner & Söhnen engine has an additional power reserve, which ensures TM Könner & Söhnen generators deliver the declared power for sure.

Individual Serial Numbers on engines

Könner & Söhnen engines meet all world and European standards of quality, including the latest EURO V emission standards. This is proved by European certificates of quality. Each engine and each generator have their own individual serial number, which allows us to control the quality of production and service.

Könner & Söhnen motors have easy start and low vibration. The KS 10000 range of gasoline generators is equipped with a reliable 1-cylinder 18 hp engine.


Сonvenient and ergonomic panel of generator allows you to control the entire unit easily and does not require additional skills. The modern intelligent LED display will always indicate the number of hours worked, frequency and voltage output. The information on the display helps to control the device load and timely maintenance the generator, extending the life of the operation.


The generator panel is equipped with ergonomic connectors for connecting single- and threephase consumers. High-output sockets are made of high-quality heat-resistant plastic.


The synchronous alternator with integrated intelligent AVR system is specially designed for singleand three-phase operation without loss of power. High workmanship and copper winding can withstand prolonged ultimate loads.


Easy start system system allows you to start the engine quickly and to do this without much effort. For ease of use, generators of this type have two types of startup – manual and electric. More powerful models are additionally equipped with an electric start system.


TM Könner & Söhnen generators are equipped with a high-end synchronous alternator with 100% copper winding. It is only the copper winding that can withstand maximum loads without any damage to ensure long-term reliable operation of the generator set.


“Könner & Söhnen” generators are equipped with an enlarged steel fuel tank, which extends the generator’s operating time without refueling. The fuel level indicator is located on the tank for ease of use.



This model is equipped with a strong steel frame with a diameter of ø 32 mm, which serves to protect the generator from various kinds of damage and provides convenient transportation.


All models of the Könner & Söhnen generators are equipped with rubber feet to reduce vibrations. Thanks to the rubber damper, the working generator will not damage the floor covering, and the frame coating will not be scratched.

* Only in case that the welding inverter has 85% efficiency and an arc voltage of 25 V.

Voltage, V 230/400
Max/Nominal power (230V), kW 8.0/7.5
Max/Nominal power (400V), kW 8.0/7.5
Frequency 50 Hz
Current, А(max) 34.78 / 14.45
Outlets 1х16A (400V), 1×32А (230V)
Fuel tank volume, l 25
Working time at 50% load 15
LED display Voltage, frequency, working hours
Noise level Lpa/Lwa, dB 71/96
Power output DC, V/А 12/8.3
Engine model KS 440
Engine type Gasoline powered one-cylinder, four-stroke air-cooled
Engine power hp/kW 18.0/13.24
Crank case volume, l 1.2
Engine cylinder volume, cm3 440
Power output controller AVR
Engine start Manual/electric
Power factor, cosφ 1(230V)/0.8(400V)
Net dimensions(LxBxH), mm 680x545x550
Gross dimensions(LxBxH), mm 700x545x590
Net weight, kg 88
Gross weight, kg 90
Protection class IP23M
EAN code 4260405361601

Assembled in PRC.