• KS 700WS
  • KS 700WS
  • KS 700WS

KS 700WS

Wood chipper
Engine power 15 hp
Chip ejection height 1600 mm
Max. aggregate diameter of feed material 120 mm
Launch type Manual/electric

Reliable proprietary engine

High-performance and reliable K&S gasoline engines meet all European quality standards, including the latest EURO V emission standard. Each engine has its own individual serial number, which allows to control the quality of production and service.

Simple and fast shredding

A large feed hopper simplifies feeding of material to be shredded, and a powerful cutting mechanism with two high-speed hardened carbon steel blades shreds wood waste up to 120 mm in diameter.

Emergency stop button

The shredder has an external emergency stop button for fast shutdown of the device.

Maneuverability and stability

Low center of gravity makes these machines stable and easy to maneuver despite their weight, with pneumatic wheels serving for easy movement of the machines even on uneven surfaces, for example, on gravel or soil.

Outlet hopper

Outlet hopper has an adjustable ejection height of the shredded material.

Tow bar

The model is equipped with a tow bar for vehicle.

Accessories set

The package includes a protective kit (polycarbonate protective shield, safety gloves, ear muffs).

Engine power, hp 15
Launch type Manual/electric
Number of cutting blades, pcs. 2
One branch diameter, mm 30
Max total diameter, mm 120
Chip ejection height, mm 1600
Shredded chip size, mm 10-20
Max. blade speed, rpm 3000
Engine type Gasoline four-stroke
Engine cylinder volume, cm3 420
Engine model KS 430
Engine speed, rpm 3600
Fuel tank volume, l 6.5
Crank case volume, l 1.1
Wheels 16″
Net dimensions (L*W*H), mm 2550*1100*1600
Gross dimensions (L*W*H), mm 1140*660*1120
Net weight, kg 210
Gross weight, kg 230
Protection class IP54M
EAN code 4260405361687

Assembled in PRC.