NEW! Electric log splitter KSB 6THE 52/25 from ТМ “K&S Basic”

Dimax Int. GmbH (Germany) proudly presents hydraulic type electric log splitter from ТМ “K&S Basic”.

Dimax Int. GmbH (Germany) expands the range of garden equipment and presents an electric log splitter of the hydraulic type from TM “K&S Basic”. Smooth operation of hydraulic log splitters allows safe splitting of logs, so that you have enough time to put in another log. These compact electric log splitters are equipped with a robust 1600 W engines and can split logs up to 250 mm in diameter and 520 mm in length.

Advantages of an electric wood splitter KSB 6THE 52/25:

  • Hardened steel splitter wedge: splitter wedge is made of hardened steel welded into the frame, which can withstand heavy loads and is capable of splitting any logs.
  • Protective metal casing: the machine comes complete with an optional protective metal cover (KSB 6T-PC) for add-on operator protection from wood chips during the splitting process.
  • Pneumatic wheels: log splitter is  equipped with wheels for easy movement even on uneven surfaces, for example, on gravel or soil.
  • Two-lever control system: provides increased operator safety. To split a log, you just need to raise the lever and allow the log splitter to do the rest of the job for you.



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