LED lamp

  • KS MFM SC 13/4.1

    Anti-skid chain

  • KSB 22i S

    Max power 2.0 kW
    Nominal power 1.8 kW
    Engine power 2.7 hp
    Engine start Manual
    Fuel type Gasoline
    Engine model KSB 100i
    Outlets 2×16А
    Net weight 21 kg
    Voltage 230 V
    Frequency 50 Hz


  • KS ATS 4/25 Gasoline

    Voltage 230V/400V
    Power 230V 5.75 (11.5) kW
    Current (max) 230 V 25А (50А)
    Power 400V 13 kW
    Current (max) 400 V 25А


  • KS ATS 1/45

    Power 10.3 kW
    Voltage 230 V
    Current (MAX) 45 A


  • KS GEAR OIL 80W-90

    API GL-5 class high quality mineral multigrade oil from Könner & Söhnen is designed for various types of mechanical transmissions, including transfer cases, hypoid gears, cardan drives, gearboxes, axles of cars, trucks, buses, construction and agricultural machinery.

    Degree of quality: API GL-5
    Viscosity: 80W-90