• KS CR-15M

    Total power (unwound cable) 3000 W
    Plug 1*16А/230V
    Sockets with protective cap 4*16А/230V
    Cable length 15 m
    Cable (100% copper) 3*1.5 mm2
    Material of extension board reel Plastiс
    Protection class IP44


  • KS B1A

    Easy to use compact automatic charger designed to charge 6V / 12V lead-acid batteries.

    It is used to charge batteries of generators, cultivators, motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, ATVs, etc. with capacity up to 32 A·h.

    After selecting the appropriate voltage charging is carried out automatically.

  • Könner & Söhnen 10W-30

    High-quality semisynthetic all-season engine oil from Könner & Söhnen for gasoline and diesel engines.

    Product quality class: API SL/CF
    Class of viscosity: SAE 10W-30

    Made by a member of the National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI), as well as the European Lubricating Grease Institute (ELGI).

  • KS CAN 5

    Fuel can, special anti-static plastic, 5L capacity

  • KS CAN 10

    Fuel can, special anti-static plastic, 10L capacity

  • KS Cover 10

    For all modifications of gasoline generators series KS 3000.

    – Protects from rain, snow, sun and wind
    – Resistant to ultraviolet irradiation (UV)
    – Resistant to acid rain and bird droppings
    – Protects from dust and dirt

  • KS GL-1

    Protective polycarbonate glasses KS GL-1.

  • KS Gloves L

    – 100% leather + textile
    – Reliable protection against mechanical damage