High-pressure water pump
Max. productivity 500 l/min
Nominal speed 3600 rpm
Max. lifting height 50 m
Max. suction depth 7 m
Engine type Gasoline
Engine model KS 250
Engine power 7.0 HP
Engine volume 212 cm3
Engine start Manual
Fuel tank 3.6 l
Net weight 29 kg

The high-pressure pump is designed for works, requiring high water jet lifting. It can be helpful in water towers or irrigation. High pressure pumps are often called “fire pumps” as they pump water up to 50 m. Before pumping, fill the pump with clean water. After starting the engine, allow the pump to run for about 30 seconds, then stop the engine and add more water to the pump to increase its efficiency and continue working.

– Professional 4-stroke petrol engine, manufactured under the license of DIMAX Int. GmbH, Germany. .
– Reinforced steel frame with a diameter of 28 mm protects the engine from damage and facilitates transportation.
– Compact size and light weight.
– The case is made of high-strength alloy, which prevents corrosion, protected from temperatures effects and resistant to deformation due to frame protection.
– Economic fuel consumption.
– High performance.

Könner & Söhnen engines


The engines used in the pumps „Könner & Söhnen” are manufactured under the strict control of german engineers.

Engines with individual serial numbers


The robust Könner & Söhnen engine meets all European quality standards, including the latest EURO V emission standards. The proprietary robust K&S engine has its own individual serial number, which allows us to control the quality of production and service.

Steel tank


Könner & Söhnen motor pumps are equipped with an enlarged steel fuel tank, which extends the operating time without additional refueling. The surface is made of high-strength aluminum using integrated cast technology, which is invulnerable to corrosion, temperature influence and deformations.

Dampers to lower vibration

Dampers to lower vibration

All models of the Könner & Söhnen pumps are equipped with rubber feet to reduce vibrations. Thanks to the rubber damper, the working pump will not damage the surface covering, and the frame coating will not be scratched.

Engine model KS 250
Engine volume, cm3 212
Engine power, HP 7.0
Fuel tank, l 3.6
Oil crankcase volume, l 0.6
Noise level Lpa (7m)/Lwa, dB 79/104
Max. productivity, l/min 500
Nominal speed, rpm 3600
Max. lifting height, m 50
Max. suction depth, m 7
Diameter of inlet pipe, mm 50
Diameter of outlet pipe, mm 40/50/40
Dimensions (L*W*H), mm 495×445×445
Net weight, kg 29
Gross weight, kg 31
EAN code 4260405361366